Single Serve Coffee Maker Market Growth Steady with a Prominent North American Consumer Base, Finds PMR

About 98,900 thousand units of single serve coffee makers will be sold in the year 2026, as per the latest study published by Persistence Market Research (PMR). The single serve coffee maker market is estimated to grow at over 7% during the forecast period 2017-2026.

The growth of the single serve coffee maker market is expected to remain under the influence of multimodal factors such as increasing population of gourmet coffee lovers, rising numbers of time-pressed consumers and implementation of technology innovations to deliver consumer convenience.

Global coffee consumption is increasing steadily wherein according to the National Coffee Association (NCA), 62% of the Americans daily consumed coffee in 2017. While Europe also presents leading coffee consumption at the global stage, the appetite of emerging countries is growing in parallel with China reporting an annual 15% rise in coffee consumption, as per the International Coffee Organization (ICO). That combined with breakthrough innovations introduced by coffee machine manufacturers are prime factors expected to contribute to the growth of the single serve coffee maker market in the coming years.

Sales of single serve coffee maker machines are concentrated among consumers with a considerably higher daily appetite for one cup of coffee. Also, time-pressed consumers with no time for grinding coffee beans and for clearing the preparation mess are also prominent use of single serve coffee maker machines.

12 Oz. Brew Size Top Selling with Over 4 in 10 Single Serve Coffee Maker Sales in 2018

The PMR study finds that over two fifth of the volume sales of single serve coffee maker will be held by 12 Oz. brew size machines. Higher preference for the optimum portion of brew size among coffee lovers is expected to contribute to the leading sales of 12 Oz. single serve coffee makers in the coming years. With this, the 12 Oz. single serve coffee maker is expected to create an absolute dollar opportunity of over 22,000 thousand units during the eight year forecast period. The study also finds that North America will lead the demand for 12 Oz. single serve coffee maker during the period of assessment.

Over 3 in 10 single serve coffee makers sold in 2018 were with 10 ounce reservoir in 2018 and registered the second largest volume sales. Single serve coffee maker with 8 ounce brew size is expected to find opportunities in Niche end user segments.

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E- Commerce Continues Pole Position in Single Serve Coffee Maker Distribution

E-commerce has been a traditional distribution channel of coffee machine manufacturers with their stronghold hold in online sales platform. The PMR study finds that over 6 in 10 single serve coffee makers were sold through e-commerce platform in 2018. The status-quo is expected to continue in the future owing to increasing smartphone subscription and internet connectivity. On the other hand, sales through boutique channels are expected to stabilize in the coming years. Their preference in North America and Europe will continue owing to the presence of consumers with the preference for premium products.

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