Sysorex Government Services to Use its Technology for Different Program

A pioneer in telecommunications solutions, service provider to commercial & government consumers, and information technology, Sysorex recently revealed that its completely-owned subsidiary, Sysorex Government Services has collaborated with Department of Justice to extend its current solution offered under the Department of Justice’s Tribal Access Program, which includes a passage for twenty-five more tribes towards the end of this year.

Sysorex’s CEO Zaman Khan stated that Department of Justice Tribal Access Program is a project in Federal Government which presently offers forty-seven federally identified tribes with access to archives of national crime data. Their TAP’s solution includes a kiosk workstation (live-scan, monitor, computer, camera, and printer) with unified software, which offers accessibility to national systems & is qualified of palm & finger prints processing. Additionally, it also clicks mugshots & submits records to national databases. They are excited to work with government to establish their kiosks in more locations to help in the extension of TAP to seventy-two tribes towards the end of 2019.

Presently, Department of Interior, also known as “DOI” aims to pool money for the establishment of TAP kiosks in three different locations, wherein the BIA-Office of Indian Services provide direct social services towards the end of this year & the aim of DOI is to extend access of TAP in all twenty-eight BIA-Office of Justice Services operated law enforcement firms & detention service centers that is estimated to improve & increase tribal law enforcement officers’ capability to cater to their people.

The firm offers telecommunications services & solutions & information technology services to consumers & government residing mainly in the U.S. The aim of the firm is to serve correct solutions related to information technology, which will assist firms to attain business benefits. For that purpose, Sysorex offers a range of IT services & technologies, which allows consumers to safeguard, handle, & take advantage of the assets of their firm, regardless of it through cellphone, on-premises, and in the cloud.

The forward-looking statements mentioned in the press release are based on several risks, which includes shutdown of partial federal government, continued utilization & expansion of Sysorex’s kiosks for TAP by the government. Additionally, there are some essential elements that may affect the current consequences or solutions to vary materially from the ones mentioned in the statements. The said elements shouldn’t be considered as detailed & should be gone through along with the other statements that are cautionary and are covered in the press release and also in filings of Sysorex’s with the SEC.

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