Now Renamed KEYLEAF, POS Bio-Sciences Adopts New Business Model

POS Bio-Sciences has rebrands to KEYLEAF, and all its operations will now run under this name. The company has also decided to shift its focus from its mostly agreement service-based business model in order to deliver its own plant-based ingredients and extracts as end products to be sold under the new brand name KEYLEAF.

With over 5,400 successful client projects in about 50 countries, attained during its 4-decades long journey in the industry, KEYLEAF is now refurbishing its business model to deliver highly valuable offerings.

Dale Kelly, POS/KEYLEAF president and CEO, said that the company is shunning contract based R & D tasks to produce final plant-based extracts of all kinds as a part of its cunning move to commercialize a new plant-derived products line under the company’s brand. With the adoption of the new business model, Kelly mentioned that the company is eyeing to tap escalating market opportunities to register consistent growth.

Kelly added that with an extensive expertise in plant extraction, isolation, concentration, and alteration of material properties, they will capitalize on the increasing demand for quickly emerging cannabis class with proprietary ingredients of terpenes, cannabinoids, and diverse highly valuable components useful in nutritional or medicinal applications. KEYLEAF is poised to service surging demand for high-value plant-derived ingredients and extracts.

Concluding the move, Kelly said that globally no other firm has comparable expertise and innovative technology to pick raw materials from farm and transform them into high-quality plant-based functional ingredients on any required scale.

Many companies, primarily in the cosmetic industry, are gravitating towards plant-based ingredients to expand their customer outreach. Just like, KEYLEAF, several firms are inducing innovation and introducing novel product developments and lines.

For instance, according to a study conducted by Persistence Market Research (PMR), specialty cosmetic ingredients market is likely to witness impressive growth during 2018 to 2026, on the back of the growing demand for conditioning polymers in different kinds of specialty cosmetic ingredients available in the market. The report opines that the surging demand for specialty cosmetic ingredients in skincare and hair care products is projected to accelerate the market to 4.4% CAGR during 2018–2026. The report carried comprehensive key trends fueling growth of the global specialty cosmetic ingredients market and it studies the degree to which drivers are impacting the global market.

According to the PMR report, the worldwide specialty cosmetic ingredients market could grow at a high rate, on the back of high prevalence of opportunities in form of R&D for organic and natural specialty cosmetic ingredients. Companies are investing in such activities to capitalize on the consumers’ growing inclination towards using cosmetics made of natural ingredients.

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The specialty cosmetic ingredients are gaining traction due to their ability to add distinct unique properties, including water and foaming resistance to the final product. Such flexible properties and high value of specialty cosmetic ingredients are finding wide range of applications for fragrance, hair care, skincare, oral care, and make-up cosmetics.

Just like KEYLEAF, several other companies and manufacturers operating in varied industries are expanding their offerings in order to move ahead of the counterparts.

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